Are you keen to learn about nutrition and your health but find information out there is either written for someone who is a complete novice or requires a Ph.D. to understand?


Foodified to the rescue!


My aim is to provide non-biased articles based on the latest scientific evidence on burning nutrition topics. Written in an engaging, fun, yet in-depth manner. All the information you are eager to learn without falling asleep in a pile of jargon. 


Please use the contact us form to ask me any question you want answered on nutrition. Whether it is weighing up the evidence on the latest diet trend or helping you (and me) to understand a topic that is wrought with controversy. I will do my best to thoroughly research your topic and post an interesting article that both informs and entertains you.


I am a chemistry, physiology undergraduate with a postgraduate MSc in clinical nutrition (so hopefully I know what I'm talking about!). I have a inquisitive passion for health and science research and a creative urge to write.  Foodified is my outlet for both!


Like you, I have many questions unanswered which I would like to discover more about. Foodified is a way for us to fortify our minds (and bodies) together. Learn how to enhance the mind and body of the super-hero within you through optimum nutrition.


Fortify the super-hero in you!